Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year..

Friends, Wish you a happy & prosperous new year. God bless you and your families.

Here is a nice song for you...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas.....

Probably this might be a belated wish for all of you, as I went to New York city to see the pre-celebrations there. It was fun to watch the city with all the amazing decorations and lights. More than that, met few good friends. After long tiresome journey & drive, I got sometime today to write something about the trip. You might be thinking that I am a travelling freak. Yes, I love to travel and explore the things as fast as possible.

I have covered NY city, Atlantic City ( Hub for casinos ) this time ( which I already visited...ha ha ). But felt good to move around with friends after long time. Finally, End of the day, its only the loneliness which becomes a friend to us. After an excellent 4 day trip, I am all alone again writing this blog in my room. Sometimes its tough to be alone. Anyways, everything is part of life which should keep moving.....

Below are few pictures from the places...

Merry Christmas ( belated) wishes to all of you...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Finally, I woke up after few days( was not sleeping actually). I was busy in office work and other stuff, so could not write. Let me ask you a quick question. How many saw the movie?( check my previous blog.. ). No one right???...ha ha...anyways lets proceed...

Note: Substitute the word "WORD" in below text with the title of this blog.

Here I want to write a quick blog which revolves around an interesting word which is the title of this blog. I am using this word ( even typing that word ) after almost an year. I had very bitter experience using this word and screwing up myself completely for 6 months of my precious time. From then, I stopped using this in any any case. Once you say this to somebody thats it, you are done and you are surrendered to them. People feel like saying this word is something like cleaning up their mistake, all crap. Its just surrendering/killing yourself.

My thumb rule is, dont do mistakes. After all we are humans, will do mistakes. In case, just forget about that. But be careful next time. This might sound crazy, but its true. Even if use the word 1000 times, no use at all. Because people are so intelligent to memorize only bad things which happened to them by us more that good. What do you say?

I guess there will be an interesting discussion on this as a reply to this blog. Are you also remembering any situations in your past?...yes yes...i are. Then go for it...this is the place where you can come out with all your frustrations....(not on me ofcourse...:)) )

Finally, thanks Ceedy for giving my name in Chinese..

Sunday, December 2, 2007


VANAPRASTHAM is a malayalam(one of the Indian Languages) movie which I saw ( my first malayalam movie ever seen ) online. I heard a lot about this movie in 1999 - 2000 regarding the national level awards in India. I was ignorant that time, dint even think of knowing about the movie. But after 8 years, one day ( Nov 30th, 2007 ) after discussing about Kerala films with one of my colleague ( from Kerala ), got to see this movie online.

It was good to get the movie with subtitles. And no doubt the movie is a masterpiece. I know that the Malayalam movies are of completely natural and art kind of movies. And thats one of the reason I dint take a step to watch any of them. But believe me, now I could know how natural and artistic they are really.

You can actually get the description of this movie by clicking on name above. The entire movie is very very slow and totally based on expressions. It resembles unbelievable emotions(facts) and situations in life. This will be a treat for those type of movie lovers who would love to watch artistic movies. Mohanlal deserves the national award without any doubt. As the website specifies, its tough to find fault in his action. Stunning performance. The degree of detailed expressions is too too deep and painful.

I am happy to see the movie and appreciate it at the same time.
Movie is available at VideoDuniya for people who are interested to watch.