Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finally We Did....

Dont be panic, we dint kill anybody. We finally did sky diving. Yes, dive from 13000 FT from THE SKY. It was all exciting itenary to go on a flight till 13000 feet high and them jump from there. Believe me, I was not at all scared but really excited to jump. The most luckiest thing is that the parachutes worked as required..:) and we came back to earth safely.

We posed as if we are astronauts coming back from space while returning after the event. It was so amazing. And I cannot stop appreciating the videographers who were jumped along with us and shot our event. I think you can do anything after you do sky diving. It gives more confidence I would say.

My friends were equally excited and they did their part well too. I usually dont post any of my personal photos as you know, but cannot resisit to post this one. Ofcourse you can get a feel of how sky diving would be with this photo, but cannot really see me:).

One final thing guys, do this atleast one time in your life.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Interesting Result

Did you ever see this type of results?
I was searching for the tickets in an online website and below is the first result. Do you dare to book this itenary?:)