Monday, April 26, 2010

Are you eating healthy food?

I learnt a lot from my roommates about the calories, fat and protein stuff in last one year. Initially I used to wonder whenever they see the nutrition facts for each item they consume. Later I realized that they are really important to make the health better and fit. Thanks to them.
I used to eat lots of (really a lot) chocolates, sweets and other items with fat when I initially landed in US. You dont believe, but I used to eat atleast one donut each day. It was so scary when I think now.
I also used to feel a lot heavier(Ofcourse I wasn't that fat, just feeling). I have decided to follow some rules in diet so stopped all fat stuff. Also started going to Gym, working out and swimming. In 6 months I have observed complete change. My body got toned a bit and I have lost 10 pounds and also feeling comfortable and light body.
I think its really important to maintain the body. Not to be handsome but for health. I dont believe that I have cut down so much on food. But sometimes I cannot control myself for some food items.

Ofcourse I have a formula. Eat and workout.:)
I suggest you also to take care of your health and diet. Thats it for now.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yellow Stone Park - 33 States

Hello friends,

Hope you are all doing good. Finally I have visited one of the popular places in US - Yellow Stone National Park. This is real huge park which covers almost 4 states. This was also shown in a movie "2012". I along with a friend flew to Salt Lake City, Utah first. Salt lake city is not a great city, but the location it is situated is beautiful.

It is completely surrounded by mountains. We have also visited the Bonneville salt flats near salt lake city. This place is amazing, its just miles and miles area covered with salt on the ground. You know, this place is known for hosting the international speed racing at peak summers.

Next our destination was to Yellow Stone National Park. It was snowing heavily near the park but we could visit the required places in the mornings without any issue. We drove along the northwest side of the park and reached the north entrance. There we could watch some wild life on our way to mammoth hot springs. It was a good driving practise for my friend on different types of roads(snow, gravel etc).:)

This is another amazing place where there are several hot springs. Its interesting that the water would be boiling at high temparatures and we could see the fumes all over the mountain. Definitely a natural wonder.

Last but not the least, the total number of US states I have visitied increased to 33 with this trip.:)

Checkout some photographs from my trip below..

Salt Lake City(mountain view)

Bonneville Salt Flats

Hot springs in Yellow stone

Small portion in Yellow stone