Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy Time

I hope you are all doing fine. Its been long time I wrote a blog. Actually I dont have much going on.
But I am really happy for coupe of things which recently happened. One is India winning the world cup. Its the most satisfying news in the recent times for me(for everyone I guess). That too with a team where Tendulkar is in there. (Loved the below wallpaper):)

Also my parents came to US few days back to stay with me for a while. It was very good feeling seeing and receiving them at the airport. Hope I can spend much time with them as it is Summer time here at my place.

And BTW, I have given another performance at UGADI(telugu festival) function at my place which is conducted by telugu association. This is my performance for second time. Just like last time, my song got lot of applause and audience appreciated for well formed song, vocal and content.

Other than that no specific updates from my side. All of you out there, please take care and will see you soon.