Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Are we really busy? I keep hearing this word a lot these days( even from myself sometimes ). To be honest I dont believe this word and I surely believe that using this word is just an excuse. Are we really so busy for not doing things that we are supposed to do. No, not at all. its all just an excuse or escape to do things which we dont like much.

Cant we call somebody for a few minutes atleast monthly once? Its not about a call, its about maintaining a relationshp with somebody. I know some people who doesnt call anybody at all, who doesnt visit any place and the funniest thing is they expect everybody to be in touch with them and visit them whenever they invite. Isn't it funny?

People who doesnt have 3 minutes of time per month in their time to call somebody, I used to do some analysis on them to see what they could be doing which makes them so busy. You know what, they would not have any real work. They just make all the work with others help who does it with courtesy.

People who does the work by themselves will have more time to talk to people and be in touch. Yes, its true based on my experience. There is a saying that a person who is busy for 24 hours a day willhave more time to do lot of stuff. People who doesnt do any work consider themselves as busy(infact they are lazy).

I am not saying that you should not say "Busy". But there is a limit for everything. We need to balance the time according to our priorities. Well with this class, I am here finishing my post:)
Stay cool, have fun.