Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Movie Reviews


Well, finally I get to see the most awaited picture of the year(should I say decade?). ENDHIRAN. This is my first tamil film I watched straight in a theater. I always loved Shankar who delivers the movies with picture perfect quality. Endhiran is another feather in his cap, however I felt he changed his movie making style with this movie. Moreover, being Rajinikanth as hero Shankar had no limits on the budget and could deliver an awesome entertainer.
However any movie will have likes and dislikes and below are those in my perspective. This is purely my opinion.


1. Standards are extra-ordinary. Felt like I am seeing an hollywood movie DOT
2. Everyone says that Rajini is a stylish actor, but he is a good artist as well.Liked the ROBO character
3. No over hyped emotions


1. I wish the first song was shot completely with full rhythm. My favourite song
2. Shankar is known to elevate the movie in the first half to the peak. I did not see that in this. He dealt it pretty normal

Anyway, this is a must watch movie to appreciate the advanced technology Indian movies are running towards.

Another interesting rumour is that Chiru-Aishwarya Rai-Shankar combo is going to grace the silver screen. I wish this dream combination works out soon. :)


Well, this movie also had more hype because of the reason that Mahesh is coming up on screen after 3 years of gap. Cant say anything but this is like a normal story. But Mahesh did a different role with more sense of humor. Most of the time he was able to generate the genuine timing comedy. As usual he looks awesome. But it did not have the complete punch of Trivikram. You cannot compare with Athadu which was picture perfect.

I wish the director concentrated on story line more rather than standard masala elements. Songs are just OK. Fights are typical Trivikram type but need to change eventually for upcoming movies.

I would say that the movie is one time watchable if you go without expectations.