Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do we really need a seperate state?

You know a while ago, atleast very few years ago, people had respect towards politics(ofcourse not towards politicians). But with the current situation, people are fed up with all these. Nobody admits but I think its the mistake of us(people) only. We dont rebel, we dont oppose, we dont question and we expect others to work properly.

Its very sad to see our state's(Andhra Pradesh) situation right now. There is no value for any kind of agitation. Actually agitation became a kind of hobby and pastime for everybody. Especially this seperate state agitation is degrading the state's prestige in all possible ways. We have to be shamed and understand that we are fighting amongst ourselves for useless demands.

I dont have any words to express the anger towards these so called leaders. They talk so much of non-sense(infact they talk only non-sense), but no implementation at all. There are so many of them(100's of them) who could not do anything for poor. They are talking about seperate state etc, but they dont know the thing that people want food, water in first place than a state.

It doesnt matter for a common man whether he is in Andhra or Rayalaseema or Telangana. It just matters for him if he is getting food to live or not, its as simple as that. Our leaders are so kind towards us that they want to get a seperate state itself for people creating differences between them.
They always say that others looted their resources. Its their responsibility to protect the regional resources and rights, instead they are asking for seperate state. The reason is as simple as that they can eat whatever they want with seperate state. Its people's innocence to think that the so called leaders will do something great with the seperate state.

They dont have respect towards the constitution, they dont know how to talk, they dont know how to behave. They should understand the impact of this agitations towards the state, especially the capital Hyderabad. Millions of rupees of business is going back because of the unrest in the region. Are they getting effected with this? or Are their childer suffering with this? No, end of the day we are suffering. We as a common people are suffering a lot. Our children are suffering. They are claiming that 100's of students died in the agitation. Is atleast one student a son of these politicians among the dead ones.

They should understand the development ratios in all three regions, they cannot always compare what happened 50 years ago. Time has changed a lot and there is good ratio of development in Telangana in several fields including power and irrigation. Its sad to see the students who are educated choosing the path of violence. Forget about India, they have so developed so much of indifferences among themselves in other coutries as well. Its shame to get questioned by others that we are fighting amongst ourselves. We should come out of political arena and think practically.

Politicians need not realize this because its their job to keep the unrest in the state for their political career. Its people's job to give proper answer back to them. Let us hope this will happen sometime soon.