Monday, August 24, 2009

Ganesh Chaturthi

Hi friends, hope you are all doing good. As you know, yesterday(23rd August) was an Indian festival called as "Ganesh Chaturthi"(Birthday of one of the Indian gods - Lord Ganesh). Also called as "well-wisher" god. And this is my favourite festival of all.

Although I felt not being at home(as I am in US now), I made sure I celebrate this festival as is like home. I had prepared all the things as per the tradition and set up the Ganesh Idol.

We did pooja(prayer) and all nicely and also had good food. These idols and the festival is pretty famous not only in India but also throughout the world where there is a presence of Hindus. The idol immersion ceremony day is also very popular in major cities in India.

Below are the photos we took at our home in US that day.