Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Movie Updates...

15 Park Avenue:
Language : English

One of the nice movies I saw recently. Basically, this is a very intellectual movie directed by one of the prolific indian directors, Aparna Sen. She is a famous bengali director who basically directs art/parallel cinema. No doubt this movie is a master piece for those who can actually like art movies. The film deals with a girl who is a schizophrenic and her relations with her elder stepsister.

The movie revolves around few characters like Konkana Sen Sharma( girl with the disease ) and Shabana Azmi ( Konkana's step sister ). It basically deals with the illusions of the people with that disease and influence of the same with the family members/relatives. The movie starts with a point where the ill girl searching for her home 15 park avenue in Kolkata which doesn't exist. From there starts entering each character into the story which makes it deep and strong.

What makes this movie amazing is the climax. I was shocked to see the end where there wont be any answer for the question. Its basically left to our imagination/illusion to conclude the story. People with different mentalities conclude the story in their own way which is superb.


Language : Malayalam

Another masterpiece from Mohanlal(popular malayalam artist). This is more similar to the above movie, but deals with another type of disease called Alzheimer. The difference is that Thanmathra is more of natural and realistic. Meaning, it deals with very common person undergoing it and his family suffering due to that. Once again an extra ordinary acting my mohanlal after Vanaprastham. The screenplay is amazing.

I am watching all the national award winning movies these days irrespective of language..:). Actually I am also interested to develop nice stories like these. But need a producer to make these stories into movies...ha ha ha..

Anyways, I strongly recommend you guys to watch these movies If you have patience and interest in artistic movies.


Language : Hindi

On the other side of the coin, a must watch action packed entertainer. The star cast is cool and interesting to see on the screen. Keeping apart the flaws in the movie(after all a commercial movie is to enjoy), this is a suspense thriller. I dont want to reveal any secret here as I want you to see on the screen. Foot tapping disco/rock type music is a plus point. Saif ali khan looked more mature in his acting. And the main reason for me to watch this movie is director duo Abbas-Mustan who are specialists in making such action movies. BTW, this is a nice weekend movie.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

My Journey in US - Part 3

Friends, I am back after a short ( infact long ) break. Cant really think of any topic to write after resuming. So as always want to continue to write my next part in US journey. Below are the links for my old journey posts...



As you know after my New York project, I immediately got my next assignment at Fidelity Investments, North Carolina. But they asked me to join at their Boston office for initial training. So this made me to travel between Boston and Durham ( North Carolina ) for sometime which was fun. Its always fun If the company pays for all the expenses ..:)). But learnt a lot in these trips about travelling which may be very useful in future. Luckily I had a chance to visit Boston city and few other near by good places.

And finally settled for 6 months in North Carolina ( till date ). Nice place and nice weather. You really feel like you are in India. No snow, no tornados, no heavy rains which makes our lives a bit easier. And this is one of the best places in US to settle down. With this assignment, I have covered most of the places in east coast...:). Ofcourse apart from roaming, I will work seriously also..ha ha...work life balance...:))

And I am done with this assignment also and will soon give you the news about my next venture. It wont be boring anymore like these...:) Life is all about moving forward...what do you say?

Below are the few pictures which covers Boston and North Carolina....

Smoky mountains in North Carolina

North Caolina Roads

MIT campus in Boston

Harvard Campus in Boston