Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sachin - 200 Years

I don't want to become a fool by saying what Sachin Tendulkar achieved before two days. As everybody saying it is almost an impossible feat. And I was thinking that why really it is so amazing achievement. Simple, it is not so easy.

Click for the news and Sachin's achievements...

It needs extensive concentration, patience and the technique that need to be continued throughout the game. All these were amazingly balanced in Sachin's play in the match. Its specifically praised because he played this game against one of the strongest teams South Africa. I believe that God writes human fate. Thats why he wrote that Sachin only should do this for the first.

It is really a happy moment for all of our indians that a person like Sachin who is absolutely uncontroversial, balanced has done this. His emotions after reaching double century is so humble as if he still have to reach some other goals.

He is not only inspiration for me in the aspect of game, but mainly for dedication, hard work and humbleness. He is just genius. Hats off..May god bless him and may he live for 200 years............

Monday, February 15, 2010

Movie Reviews

Its been long time, I did not write any movie reviews. I watched some movies recently and below are their reviews.

1. Adurs(Telugu movie)

Story line : Twins seperated in the past re-unites and cleans the villain group

Much awaited movie with the combination of V.V. Vinayak and NTR which did not reach our expectations. Its sometimes really disappointing that the telugu movies are not coming out of formula base. We atleast thought that the action sequences and songs will be good. But the movie is disappointing in those sections as well. May be the story is weak and pretty common, but the taking would have been much better in terms of fights and songs. Comedy is also average. This is just an OK movie for timepass.

2. 3 Idiots(Hindi movie)

Story line : Tale of 3 college friends life and the their goals

Well, most of you might know this movie. Aamir Khan is quite selective these days and he delivered a 3rd consecutive blockbuster after Taare Zameen Par and Ghajini. He is few of the leading method actors in India who really tries something different. 3 Idiots is also an experiment on the studies in India with entertainment. As usual Aamir Khan is at his best in this movie.

3. My Name Is Khan (Hindi movie)

Story line : A person suffering from autism meets the president of US to say that he is not a terrorist

Much hyped movie of recent times because of the sensitive elements in the film. Ofcourse it has reached the expectations and I really liked the movie. Shahrukh Khan and director Karan Johar finally came out of Romantic tragedy type of story line to a story that is different and has plenty of space to really ACT. Shahrukh has done wonderful job in his expressions and timing. Kajol is prety apt for her role.

Finally I am awaiting for the new horror movie "The Crazies" releasing on Feb 26th.
Till then, see you and have fun guys.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Second Music Performance

I am happy to say that I had given another performance with my group in Portland downtown. This time I sang a nice bihari folk song and a holi song. I have uploaded them(which I sang separately) in my blog header. Please refer to the song titled "Makayya re & Holi.

It was basically a cross cultural meet where artists from few other countries like China, Philippines, Palestine came and performed. It was nice to have that gathering. You get to know other traditions and cultures.

On behalf of India, our group has presented some classical music items(dance, instrument and vocal).

And I also gave my nomination for singing in a program conducted by telugu association in Portland. I have a good plan to sing different type of songs if they agree for my program.

Well nothing specific from my side other than this and my work which is hectic these days. I hope you are all doing well.