Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Performance

I remember updating you that I am learning Hindustani classical music. If not, yes I have started learning music at my place in US from last 6 months. As you know I have lot of interest in music and entertainment industry.

Recently I gave my first performance in the local temple to raise funds for them. I had satisfaction that I did something practical instead of just learning in the class. I along with my group sang a bhajan on Lord Rama.

It was nice evening as well with lot of bhajans and get together of all music learners. I feel we need to have this meetings often to divert ourselves from the busy work life.

Below is the link to the audio of bhajan I sang in the temple. I have also embedded the same to my blog as a page element. Hopefully you will like it.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

California(A Real Development)

Friends, as I always do I went to another trip to California again. But this time for new year. I have been to San Francisco. Last two new years I was alone for the new year day. So this time I want to be with crowd to welcome new year. So my trip went on like this...

I along with my roommate drove to SFO from Portland. I enjoyed the long drive after long time. We have visited a club in SFO for new year night and it was fun to be with people at midnigt. I have visited the hindu temple in Fremont, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale areas. I could see the real development(be it infrastructure wise or other) in the state of California. And as you all know the development in the area of technology.

Lots of companies with beautiful infrastructure can be seen in the state of CA, specially in the SFO area(popularly called as Bay Area). I was amazed to see the roads and highways. They are awesomely built. Even the local road has 5 lanes. It was fun to drive over them.

There is no wonder if one thinks that their country or area should be developed like that. It can be a ideal infrastructure for other countries.

And also I went to Lake Tahoe which is a lake in the state of Nevada. But we missed some rides(like snow mobiling and cable car up to mountain) due to delay. Next time better luck. Here I am posting some pics.