Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dreams Unlimited

Isn't interesting to get dreams? Sometimes we(most of us atleast) get pretty strange and unrelated dreams. Personally I just forget all my dream, but occassionally i remember them and they will be so funny and strange to recollect. Below are few which I got/remember from last few weeks.

1. I am travelling with Mammotty(Malayalam actor) in one fictional route in Kerala having Tea in various places. Nobody is recognizing him in this process. Incidentally the same day, Mammotty has been attacked by Income Tax department

2. Kapil Dev is performing telugu song on the stage

3. (this is too much) Manmohan Singh (Prime Minister of India) and Sonia Gandhi (AICC President)came for lunch to my home and I took photos with them. And started teasing my friend by showing those photos. Somehow my mind registered that he is a fan of Manmohan Singh.

Interesting right? Share if you have any of like this.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dont get AirTel

Yes, thats true. Please dont get AirTel connection anytime either landline, cell phone or broadband. Please pass this to your friends also. Let me tell you the story now...

I had the AirTel connection(Internet and Landline) few months back. And as usual they were billing left and right with whatever money they want. We used to pay the bills properly, I never miss any kind of bills. Finally they showed up a bill of Rs. 14,000 and asked us to pay. After several negitiations and discussions with the so called AirTel agent(cant call him executive), we have settled the bill and got the documentation proof. All is well till here right.

Alright, one fine day some lawyer(cant really confirm him as a lawyer based on his language and attitude) called my sister and informed that a case is filed against me. When I called him and enquired he explained that AirTel had filed a case against me for not paying the bills. And the most frustrating thing is to claim that I still use the connection. We were thinking that everything is done after getting the letter from the agent. Believe me, we did not even received the legal notices, but just got the last minute phone call. He told that I need to go to AirTel office(I am in US infact), pay the bill and send him the scan copy so that he can close the case. Interestingly like in a movie, the last day for the case hearing is the same day I called him.

I explained him the situation and he is least bothered and openly told that AirTel will put up cases like this for money although we settle it. Also the letter we got from agent may not be the valid one. Are they expecting the letter from AirTel CEO? They are ok with the agents for taking the connection, but not valid for settlements. See the horrible situation of their policies.

So I had my friend go to AirTel office, pay the bill and send me the receipt. I had send the same to lawyer and no response at all till now. He is supposed to send me the final case settlement document etc. I might have definitely fought if I was in India. I had no time based on the information to fight. As a common man I had to settle the bill(which I am not supposed to pay) clean my hands. What can one can call this, isnt this an OPEN/ROYAL FRAUD? So the moral of the story is, although people are sincere, they(companies like AirTel) will still try to screw you.

Friends, I want you to spread this to as many as you can through any social networking resources so that nobody takes AirTel connection(or disconnects if they have one). They should feel the cost of unethical behaviour. Its not about the people's inability to pay the bills, its about the ethics companies should show towards the loyal customers.

Thanks for your co-operation.