Saturday, July 19, 2008

Will He?....Yes says my heart....

Chiranjeevi......One name which can create sensation in Andhra Pradesh. Infact it is creating now very frequently. Well as you know, he planned and almost confirmed that he is entering the political world.

Now the question is whether he will be able to manage the so called Political Movements. My heart says "Yes". Not only as a fan, but as a citizen I am keen to see his kind of approach/agenda to reach public.

NTR(N.T.Rama Rao) was the only movie star who could manage to come in full swing with a new party and swept the other party away completely.

Chiru is the only actor after NTR who has the same charisma, potential, crowd pulling capacity, power and mainly mesmorizing personality in all ways.
The only difference was that there was only one major party that time, but now they are two. And ofcoure the situations then and now are also totally different.

So it is a tough task to face two strong parties at the present trend. One should have a great strategy for that and seems he is planning for one. People from all communities, People from all countries, People from all professions are ready to support him and made the ground work. The only pending thing is him announcing the party and coming into the public. Hopefully this will be done in August.

He is my inspiration not only as an actor, but for his hardwork, dedication and humbleness. It will be a wonder to read about his past. To quote one incident, once at the initial stages of his career, he was asked to see his face in the mirror and decide whether he is fit to be an actor. But now his face is the most charismatic than any other.

His talk is sensation. His silence is sensation. This really proves how dedication one can have to achieve their goals.

I wish him all the best and hopefully he will do his best to make the state proud. Thinking him as a great human being and great actor, I will definitely support him given a chance.

Here is a snapshot video about his political entry -->