Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lok Pal


As you know the agitations for strong lok pal bill are going on in India. I dont understand the problem of Government to pass the bill by making it strong. It shows that they want to loosen the rules for the higher officials and secure themselves from corruption. Otherwise whats their problem in passing that bill if they are so sincere in the aspect of corruption.

Politicians are eating money left and right and somebody like Anna Hazare making his efforts for the lok pal bill. Ofcourse its not that this bill will eradicate the corruption, but atleast can control. With the amount of money politicians are eating, if it can be spent properly we cannot imagine how weel India can be developed. I am sure that Manmohan Singh want to be sincere in doing the bill, but being silent jsut because of party and political pressures.

The most worst thing is to start the reverse attack on Anna without having the proper discussions. They even tried to restrict his hunger strike. But its tough to submerge the agitation coming out of common people. Let Anna be whatever, he is trying to something which is good.

Although I cannot directly support him, I atleast want to support him virtually by spreading the message. I request you also to do it so that it can be reached till farthest ends of the world.