Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas and New Year

Hi Friends,
I wish all of you and your families a happy and prosperous Christmas and New Year 2010 ahead. God bless you.
I wish the problems right now in my region(State of Andhra Pradesh in India) will be resolved soon. May this horrible politicians realize their mistakes and get the peoples life into normal pace.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do we really need Telangana?

I hope most of you would know that there is this issue of separate state(Telangana) in the state of Andhra Pradesh(India). And it became serious issue these days the so called leaders started riots to get separate state.

But are they really thinking about why we need a separate state? I am sure no. Its just a stunt to get the political power. Several years ago Andhra Pradesh was separated from the state of Madras in the ending of British rule. Yes, this made sense that time because we had a language barrier between Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. But this telangana movement doesn't make sense at all. This is absolutely trying to make Andhra into pieces so that everyone can enjoy their share without obstructions.

If they are real leaders, are they thinking about the people and the post issues after forming a separate state? If they have real guts, they should verify how much they contributed to (at least tried to ) that region to develop before asking for a separate state.

If they think that only Telangana region is undeveloped that is absolutely wrong. There are 1000's of undeveloped regions in Rayalaseema and Coastal regions too. Its about developing the entire state as a whole. In addition to that, they are destroying the public properties all over the state. Do they thinks its their father's property? They will realize how it feels only if they lose their personal property.

Another main concern I have is even the students are agitating without putting their thoughts. They are the ones who should lay the path for the future India. They should think in a constructive manner rather than breaking everything into pieces. I am sure that most of the students are being used politically by the leaders for this issue.

This is the time to resolve this issue without prolonging further. I hope the central government will take the right decision without bowing their heads to the corrupted leaders.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Heights of Wealth

I was reading about Bill Gates few days ago and came across some interesting facts(below) regarding his wealth. I could understand the heights of wealth with this. Check out.

  • Pay NBA MVP Michael Jordan's salary for 1,394 years.
  • Give every man, woman and child on the face of the Earth $7.46.
  • Pay every California Lottery prize for the next 34 years.
  • Fund 158 Mars Pathfinder missions.
  • Fund the US Department of Education for 19 years.
  • Pay tuition for the residents of Seattle and Tacoma to go to the University of Washington for four years.
  • Fund the US presence in the Persian Gulf for 11 months.
  • Fund the US peacekeeping forces in Bosnia for 157 years.
  • Buy 233,346,297 copies of Microsoft Windows 95.
  • Buy 1,680,000,000 copies of his own book, buy more with his royalties from those sales, continuing the cycle and easily the best selling author of all time.
  • Make Hanson the most successful musicians of all time by buying 3,529,411,765 copies of "Middle of Nowhere."
  • If he wanted to challenge George Lucas (worth only $2 billion), he could make 227 sequels to "Waterworld," or 35,000 sequels to "Sling Blade."
  • At the median donation for spending a night in the White House, he could stay in the Lincoln Bedroom for 46,300 years.
  • If he wanted to go on a killing spree in Los Angeles County, at the rate that Simpson was charged, he could kill 3,360 people and pay all his attorney fees and punitive damages.
  • At the rate of 1/2 ounce per $27 million, he could pay Mike Tyson to eat 1/5 of Evander Holyfield.
  • He could fly from Seattle to Paris and back on Air France 45,258,621 times.
  • If he wanted to go to a local baseball game, he could buy Seattle Mariners season tickets, all of them, for 411 years, and with his spare change could buy the team and the Kingdome.
  • At Denny's, he could buy a "Grand Slam Slugger Breakfast" for 9,150,326,797 people.
  • If he couldn't get service, he could buy every man, woman and child in China a Big Mac Extra Value Meal, as long as no one "Super Sizes."
  • If they preferred, he could buy 17 billion packages of Top Ramen noodles.
  • He must like coffee, and could buy over 6 billion pounds of French roast at his local Starbuck's.
  • Speaking of a cup of coffee, he could support one of those Sally Struther's foreign kids for 113,341,969 years.

Isn't this interesting?