Sunday, April 26, 2009

Intel Dot Com

This time I wanted to share about a milestone that happened in my career. I am right now working for Intel Corporation. So we were working on their new website design and delivery in more efficient way with less cost.
So finally we could finish that and send live to public last week. Just wanted to share this thing with you.
Below is the link if you want to check that out.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chi-Town Trip

Finally, I could find sometime to go for a trip to Chicago. I am always ready to visit that city because I feel it as my home town in US.:). Ofcourse the reason is because I have landed there only when I came to US from India first time. Isn't this funny?. But not for me...

I had a plan to visit my uncle's place in Chicago. And also one of my friends also planned to visit Chicago for his personal reasons. So I thought I can shoot two birds at one shot. After spending two days at my uncle's place, one fine saturday me and my friend went on a road trip. We went to Milwaukee. I would say that as a city of dead. OMG, that city is kind of depressing may be for its oldness. But the good thing is that we have visited the Milwaukee museum of Art which is like a architectural wonder.

Later we also visited the Miller's beer brewing company and went on a small tour in which they showed the brewing and packing process of Miller beer. It was kind of fun to see that gigantic system of beer brewing. What else, I have returned back to Oregon after the trip.

And back to work and cooking stuff........:(
Check out some cool photos of that museum and the michigan lake.