Thursday, April 17, 2008

10 reasons why I blog

I am honoured to be tagged by Mel to specify the 10 reasons why I blog. Below would be my points.

1. I love to share my thoughts with the outside world and assess myself properly

2. I would like to make good friends

3. I will get a chance to meet people from various countries, religions and languages which gives me a chance to know their cultures

4. To increase my writing skills so that I can improve in my profession as well

5. To avoid feeling that I am alone

6. To meet people with same attitude/thoughts like me

7. Great time pass and nice habit

8. To know more and more information in the various aspects of life/world which I might have not known

9. To forget all the pains by releasing frustration infront of all blogger friends...:-P

10. Last but not least, to find a nice girl as my life partner. I am a telugu brahmin, you can let me know If you have any contacts...ha ha. Who knows what happens......:))

Now I am tagging you all to do this tag and enumerate your ten reasons for blogging. After doing this, please copy the tag after this paragraph and add your name on the list of those who have done this like below

1. Mel Avila Alarilla 2. Jaggu

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Year - Powered By Intellect & Driven By Values

Any guesses for the title I put for this post????????????

Anyways, April 7th, 2008 was Telugu New Year called as UGADI ( Starting of an era ) which is a very auspicious day for us(Andhrites). The same day was new year in Karnataka ( called as YUGADI ) and Maharastra ( called as GUDI PADWA ). Ugadi is in my most favourite festivals list and I consider it as a very good and important day. And the name of this year is called as "SARVADHARI". This year calendar reckons dates based on Salivahana ( a legendary king ) era.

The first day of the year begins with ritual showers, prayers and then eating of specific mixture of Neem buds, Raw Mango, Tamarind juice, Green chilli, Jaggery and Salt. All these symbolizes that life is mixture of different experiences(sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust, surprise), which should be accepted together.

So this completes the first portion of the post title ( New Year ).

Coming to the second portion(Powered by Intellect & Driven by values), this is the caption for one of the Indian software companies, INFOSYS. Well hoping that you guessed it right by now, I have joined Infosys on the same new year day, April 7th. This was a co-incidence and I am happy for that. I just wanted to share this news with all of my blogger friends. I would be soon starting the work.

You all have a good one.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Huh, no specific reason to write this. But really feeling frustrated today with all the pending things to be completed in all sections(personal and professional). People say that we need patience, but I crossed that limit somehow today and feeling a bit uncomfortable. I have nothing to explain you really, but just thought of posting something so that I can get some relief from stress.

Sometimes it gives good feeling to have blogger friends to share the stuff which I undergo. Anyway hopefully things will settle peacefully.

Have a good day......