Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Back to US


I am back to US after a long time from India. I had to stay in India for a long time than expected to sort out my visa issues. This is an unexpected stay extension with a mix of happiness and tension. I was happy one way that I am there for more time, but the other side was feeling tensed to get the things sorted out.

Anyway, overall it was a very nice trip to stay with parents, friends etc. Travelled a lot fo different places and especially spent some good time with my close friends at my old place. Also visited a nice temple this time which is also unexpected.

Finally I am back to US last week and started adjusting to the routine work life. As its winter here, I am really feeling pretty lonely and aloof. May be because I was spending the time with my kid till sometime back, I am clearly feeling that silence around me.

Hopefully I will get over with it by that time she comes here. I can't wait to see her...
I hope you are doing fine and please keep in touch.