Thursday, July 30, 2009

San Francisco - The second best

I have visited San Francisco for the July long weekend and I have reached a landmark of visiting 27 states in US with this trip.

SFO is absolutely amazing city. I have rated Boston as the second best city in US before this visit. But Boston lost its rating after my visit to SFO.:-P

The best thing I liked in SFO is the transporation. They have all types of vehicles under the sun like bus, cable car, ferry, train etc. The city is always lively and happening.

We have visited places like Alcatraz Island, Stanford university, Ghirardelli chocolate factory, Crooked street, Silicon valley, Half moon bay beach and Golden Gate bridge etc.
Over all it was nice trip, but got tanned a lot due to California weather. It took 3 weeks for me to come back to my original color.:)

Below is my rating of US cities I have visited till now.

1. New York(may be always 1)
2. San Francisco
3. Boston
4. Chicago
5. Atlanta
6. Seattle
7. Washington DC
8. Providence
9. Portland
10. Charlotte
11. Raleigh
12. Ashville
13. Pittsburg
14. Minneapolis
15. Richmond
16. Milwaukee
17. Newark

Interesting, is it?. What is your rating if you are in US?

Check out some photos below of SFO.

Alcatraz Island

SFO Downtown View

SFO Downtown

Golden Gate Bridge

Crooked Street