Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Emperor of Pop

Hopefully you would have understood what I am going to write about by seeing the title of this blog. Yes its about one and only Michael Jackson. I would say he is not only the King but Emperor of pop.

It is really tough to digest that he is no more, but you know you never know when death takes away a person. Well coming to reality, I think he is a definition for Dance. I am almost sure that there will not be any dance school in the world without his picture in it. He is so popular through out each corner of the world irrespective of country, language and music.

He is an inspiration for almost every dancer, choreographer and any music lover. He is the definition for hard work and ambition. Forgetting about all the controversies in his personal life, he was always the best.

Especailly in indian film industry his impact has got revolutionary change in the field of dance. Any film industry belonging to any language has got his impression in the area of Dance. Wow!! what an artist. I think only one person like this will be there for a century.

Even my favourite hero Chiranjeevi who is considered as one of the best dancing artists in India has taken him only as an inspiration.

I am here giving Michael Jackson a great tribute through my blog. May his soul rest in peace.
Below is my favourite item from Jackson's dances. Bille Jean...

Below is another interesting item from Chiranjeevi's songs(language - telugu) where he remade the Thriller song.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

President meets Prince

Interesting photo of Pesident of United States, Barack Obama with Prince of Cricket, Brian Lara.

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