Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My 8 Habits/Facts in life.........

Divya honoured me to write this blog.....

The rules for this blog are as follows:
1. When tagged you must link to the person who tagged you.
2.Then post the rules before your list, and list eight random facts/habits about yourself.
3. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to eight other bloggers.

Here I go...
By the way below are real.......:)

1. Strongly believe GOD. Yes, I only believe in god, dont depend on god. I will put whatever effort I can and be calm.

2. Love and Started following James Bond. Taking James Bond as an ideal to be unemotional, infact less emotional and execute the asigned job in a perfect manner.

3. Love cooking. No option after coming to US. I almost became an expert after starting to cook here. Lets see who is that lucky girl...:))
4. Strongly hate LOVE. Ya, you read it correctly. Also hate people who disrespect parents for the sake of love in whatever be the case. But I maintain good friendship.

5. Die for music. You name and give the tune and lyrics of any song from any language. I will be always ready to learn and sing. Die hard fan of Ilayaraja music.

6. Hate Flowers. This also you read it correctly. Probably 1 out of 100 ( may be ) to have this habit I guess...am I right?

7. Punctual. Strictly follow this unless in the worse case scenarios.

8. Love CHIRU ( Telugu Super Star ). Hard core fan not only (blindly) for acting, but for self discipline, hard work and humbleness.

Although its tough, guess I have covered all my intentions in 8 lines. The next turn would be...


anonme said...

Lol! This shows how much u actually read my blog! The post for which u commented and tagged me just now, was the one which was done by me on this topic! Silly you! I already did it..
U hate love? U cant hate something like love.. That must mean u don love anyone or anything at all! That includes ur parents too! How can u say u hate love??

just a nice girl said...

i would also join to lol lol and lol... i have done this tag :P Check my second post on page, i guess you even commented on that one :D

Madhavi said...

hmmmm..quite frank n candid..i second anonme on ur say tht u hate love..newyz ive been tagged for this same tag by one of othr fellow blogger pals..so now ive 2reasons 2 do this tag..sure wil do it soon for d momnt net at my home is dwn :( so wil execute once itz fixed..

Aarthi said...

Hey don't you remember my previous blog...it was the same one..I have done it already...:( and "Hate Love" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oxymoronish...:)

KP said...

u r chiru fan....good to see that...every1 i know who follows telegu movie is big time chiru fan....:D

Jaggu said...

cool...i really idnt have time to see who did this tag already. So I just picked some random names and tagged. I thought divya started this recently...Thats it...anyways its fun to read such type of replies..thanks...:)).

Yes, I was expecting the same question from any of you people. You did that first. Yes, i might be hating because of my experience / might be due to the people I faced. And let me tell you, its totally different in the case of parents.

The above same answer for you, and I am happy for the thing which you said that I am frank. I am practising that for long time and got the response from you first time. Thats was good.

Ya, you are right. You will find most of the people.

divya said...

me too joining in 'lol'ing :D
lol lol :D I think u even replied on anonme's blog...how can someone be so forgetful :D lol lol

Nice one here :)

Jaggu said...

@ divya
Chained blogs are painful...:))
Did u also do the same thing??? ...ha ha ha

divya said...

lol...jaggu (if thats how ur called) U either leave a reply on ur blog or on mine...whats the use of giving the same comment here n there...im anyway gonna read it here right?

Vandita said...

hmmm i guess i'll lol once too :P
well since everyones already done it leaves me and mads now...though i've done an enhanced version of this tag: 31 facts abt myself
do chk it and lemme know
and u hate love?? i still think u shd rephrase
good post overall

Jaggu said...

safe side...ha ha ha...i am having fun with this blog...and my real name is Jagadeesh

Anonymous said...

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c e e d y said...

yen cheptarru.....good going mr forget(fool), tagging the very same ppl whom you replied too....a un gujju's advice too much of "guuju" is not good for you :)

and you hate love or you are simply not lucky to find THAT love :)))))

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Enjoyed reading it!

Sandhya said...


So u dont love flowers.Even i dont like them. Actually i dont want to pluck them. i just liket them to be on tress.

good to know abt u.

Jaggu said...

Thank You.

Thanks for enjoying my blog. And I am a bit ahead of you in flowers. I hate them wherever they are...:). Cant help..

vidhya said...

I too agree with 3,4,5 and 7. I am also a food and music freak.

Jaggu said...

Thanks for that.