Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Journey to US / in US - Part 2

I am back here again after getting attacked by my friend ( Bad Cold ).
Let me continue this blog as I told you.

Below is the link to the part 1 of my journey -

Coming to the second part...

After enjoying a month and half stay with the friends over there in Chicago, finally I have got my first project in New York City. I was literally scared when I heard this from my employer. By then I heard that NY is very very densed and full of crime in downtown and all other stories. One time I was about to leave that offer and try for another. Since I dint take that decision, I was lucky enough to work in the city and get the required US knowledge fastly.

In my past also, there was one same situation for me. I had to join a college in Hyderabad city after my 10th class. I was almost a kid then as you can imagine. But because I had to join there, I came to city and learnt all the things which helped me a lot in my life. Somthings like this will make us better and better I guess. Coming to the present, I did so much research on NY city before arriving. I stayed in a hotel near to city and captured all the required ( transportation and etc ) information.

Statue of Liberty, New Jersey

Finally I could manage to get an accomodation in Jersey City, NJ. I started learning things like taking bus & train tickets, walking on NY streets. I never forget those 4 months working in 42nd street for Pfizer. Still I cant forget that midnight where I travelled from NJ to NY alone in train. I was scared almost to hell. :))It was fun. After a week or so, I transformed a lot and became too confident. Recently I went with my group of friends to guide them in the city...ha ha...:-P.

The Famous Logo

I covered most of the parts in NJ and NY city while I was working there. Also got good roomies over there.

The house where I stayed....

To be continued with next part.........


c e e d y said...

This is cheating...copyright issue....good but you did not write about you being mugged :P

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Jaggu,
It's so nice that you were able to master your way around New York and New Jersey. It's a good thing nothing untoward happened to you. I hope you are alright now with your work in the US. Thanks for the wonderful post. God bless and have a wonderful and pleasant day in the US always.

Vandita said...

super cool i guess living in the big apple teaches a lot :)
glad u had fun and found ur way!
nice pics...esp like the last one.

Jaggu said...

Sir, Its not copy right issue. I informed you after getting the pic.:-P. Ya, you are right, i forgot to mention about me being mugged by YOU in the room...

Hey, thanks for ur appreciation. I am fine now with the things. You too have a good day.

Thx and you are right.

Vandita said...

blog updated and there's something for u on it :)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

hmm..nice recalls
Seasons Greetings

Jaggu said...

Wish you the same

Aarthi said...

To be honest I'm hearing a looooooot of U.S stories now a days...n how ppl miss home when they go there and what they feel when they come back...:(

Jaggu said...

You are true. But nowaday you wont feel missing our contry more. Since we have lot of indians here around and the communication also became very convenient. Ofcourse its always makes difference for being near and far.