Saturday, June 28, 2008

Octet....8 Friends

I am very excited to write this post as I have to go back to my college days and recollect the memories.

Here I want to present few things about our group of friends. We are a group of 8 friends in our engineering college days. Sometimes it is really true that God sets somethings up for some cause. In the same lines, we met at the college luckily and became very good friends.

We used to participate in each and every activity in the college like studies, cultural activities, ragging..:-P, teasing girls(positively..ha ha), seminars, what not. Each of us are experts in different activities. So our group used to be like an all-rounder group in the entire college. Can you guess our group name in college?...Its "Super Special Batch(SSB)". All other groups used to feel so jealous at our group which led to many quarrels as well. Ofcourse, its a college and even a quarrel is fun until it dont become serious.

Personally to me, everyone from our group are very special as I learnt different things from each one. But let me recollect my special acquaintance with each guy...In order of our roll numbers in the class..:) roommate and what else can I say
Dimpu... good friend at having fun, cracking spontaneous jokes
Kalyan...a nice combination in studies
Raghu...a perfect combination at entertainment and cricket buddy in the topic of girls
Shanmukha...A challenging programmer to me always
Suresh...The Bike Guru for me

Friendship Graphics

Today we all are across the globe busy in our own lives and professions. But wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we will be in contact through our hearts.

I am very happy to share about my friends with you. I dedicate this post to my group and all of the blogger friends.


The bird a nest

The spider a web

The human friendship..Protect it safely


Meghna said...

Hi jaggu,
Feels really nice to read this post coz I also have an all 8 girls group at school....we've been together since 5th standard and it's now 3 or 4 years but it feels as if v'e knwn each other forever....friends are the best treasures in life...cherish them at all times :)

Jaggu said...

Thanks for liking my post. Generally girls hardly have long term friends. But I appreciate that you are maintaining that friendship which is good.

shan_online_job said...

hi jaggu,
one good thing in your life you did is posting this blog good to see this, and i wish every one will add their comments and few more memories to the blog.

Gayatri said...

aah.. posts on friends are always the best posts ever! =) i wrote one too, sometime back. its the best feeling ever.

have your friends commented on this?

Jaggu said...

Yup. They have commented on this to my email. They dont blog actually. Thanks.

Vandita said...

i can totally see myself dedicating posts to my frnds from college after i passout... i swear they form a special bond with u and u never wanna let that bond break...
great post !!:)

Nani said...

Hi Jaggu,

I am glad to see a post on our batch in ur blog. Its a nice journey we all had together for those 4 years, the fentastic final years of our education. The way we enjoyed and celebrated and cherished each moment of those days...they are still fresh in our minds. And thanks for reminding us of those lovable moments :-))