Thursday, February 4, 2010

Second Music Performance

I am happy to say that I had given another performance with my group in Portland downtown. This time I sang a nice bihari folk song and a holi song. I have uploaded them(which I sang separately) in my blog header. Please refer to the song titled "Makayya re & Holi.

It was basically a cross cultural meet where artists from few other countries like China, Philippines, Palestine came and performed. It was nice to have that gathering. You get to know other traditions and cultures.

On behalf of India, our group has presented some classical music items(dance, instrument and vocal).

And I also gave my nomination for singing in a program conducted by telugu association in Portland. I have a good plan to sing different type of songs if they agree for my program.

Well nothing specific from my side other than this and my work which is hectic these days. I hope you are all doing well.

8 comments: said...

its really very nice and ow sum performance thanks for sharing this with us...

Holi messages

Sjmach said...

Carry on the good work Jaggu!

Respect the stage and do well.

Chandrika Shubham said...

Good to hear about ur second performance.
Keep it up.

Jaggu said...
Thanks a lot

Thanks for visiting my blog and appreciating. Keep coming.

Nice to see you again and thanks.

sleeping beauty said...

thanx for the invitation.
it is wonderful that u can sing so good . keep it up.following you now onwards

Jaggu said...

@sleeping beauty
Thanks and glad that you want to follow my blog.

Shaili said...

nice post Jaggu

Jaggu said...

Thanks and keep coming.