Monday, March 29, 2010

Ugadi - Performance 4

Hello all, I dont have much to say at this time. But one update is that I gave another performance. This time its not classical, but for movie songs. The local community here celebrated our new year Ugadi sometime back and I have performed couple of songs in there.
I was well prepared and presented the song with some interesting visuals. To my surprise, the song came out very well and the response was really good. I was satisfied that the result came out well for whatever work I did. Ofcourse the whole function was good with some mix of classical and entertaining programs.
These events helps to meet new people and have fun and break from regular work. I will upload the actual song whenever I record it.:). Till then have fun and am waiting for friday for a trip to Yellow stone national park..:)


ceedy said...

Congrats buddy....hope you are called to sing at your important function too :)

Jaggu said...

Thanks and I hope not.:)

FoodLovers said...

Nice one !!

Jaggu said...


Radka said...

Good day. You have a nice blog. Your photo is really like. I'm just an amateur photographer. Have a nice day Radka.