Monday, April 26, 2010

Are you eating healthy food?

I learnt a lot from my roommates about the calories, fat and protein stuff in last one year. Initially I used to wonder whenever they see the nutrition facts for each item they consume. Later I realized that they are really important to make the health better and fit. Thanks to them.
I used to eat lots of (really a lot) chocolates, sweets and other items with fat when I initially landed in US. You dont believe, but I used to eat atleast one donut each day. It was so scary when I think now.
I also used to feel a lot heavier(Ofcourse I wasn't that fat, just feeling). I have decided to follow some rules in diet so stopped all fat stuff. Also started going to Gym, working out and swimming. In 6 months I have observed complete change. My body got toned a bit and I have lost 10 pounds and also feeling comfortable and light body.
I think its really important to maintain the body. Not to be handsome but for health. I dont believe that I have cut down so much on food. But sometimes I cannot control myself for some food items.

Ofcourse I have a formula. Eat and workout.:)
I suggest you also to take care of your health and diet. Thats it for now.


ceedy said...

Share some secrets with the Fat bastard!!! please

m.flowerr said...

wow.....becoming health conscious...:):))

Jaggu said...

Sure anytime

Jaggu said...

Yes have to..:)