Monday, January 10, 2011

New York Trip

Hello all,

As planned, I have completed my trip to New York along with my wife. It was different and interesting this time. As usual city is more beautiful that too in Chrismas/New Year's time. We have visited all standard places like New York city, Washington DC, Pittsburg etc.

However something different is that we went to Empire State Building observatory to have glimpse of the city skyscrapers. No words to explain, but just WOW.

Spent sometime meeting friends and relatives which was relaxing. Also had a family get together for new year night playing games etc.

A nice break from work with this trip. Finally had to come back to work and should sit tight for more period this time as there is no holiday season soon. Till then have a good working time guys. Some pics below as usual to get inspired.

The White House

Statue of Liberty
New York city from Empire State Building


ceedy said...
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ceedy said...

This is not only NEW YORK trip...right?? but great

Jaggu said...

Yes, but usedthe biggest landmark for the trip name..:)

Ria said...

Wow nice pics.

Jaggu said...

Thanks said...

NYC is always phenomenal!!!