Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dreams Unlimited

Isn't interesting to get dreams? Sometimes we(most of us atleast) get pretty strange and unrelated dreams. Personally I just forget all my dream, but occassionally i remember them and they will be so funny and strange to recollect. Below are few which I got/remember from last few weeks.

1. I am travelling with Mammotty(Malayalam actor) in one fictional route in Kerala having Tea in various places. Nobody is recognizing him in this process. Incidentally the same day, Mammotty has been attacked by Income Tax department

2. Kapil Dev is performing telugu song on the stage

3. (this is too much) Manmohan Singh (Prime Minister of India) and Sonia Gandhi (AICC President)came for lunch to my home and I took photos with them. And started teasing my friend by showing those photos. Somehow my mind registered that he is a fan of Manmohan Singh.

Interesting right? Share if you have any of like this.


ceedy said...

Hahaha....Jaggu you need to make a diary and write down these every morning...they are interesting

Jaggu said...

No diary stuff man, we are in digital world. Thats why stored them in the blog:)
Anyway thanks.

ceedy said...

Oh I am sorry I forgot. Hope google gives this blog service free for your lifetime so you can go back when you are older and read it.

TSR said...

Most of the people don't remember dreams but am glad we could. One of the funnies dream + consequences i could remember is that one day, i was having power nap after lunch at home and in my dream, i was in middle of war. this is ancient war like horses, sword etc. When my mom woke me up while serving Tea to everyone, i was still in my dream and told my parents to pack everything and prepare for escape through the caves. :-) my parents understood that and the started asking my what to pack and then i got my conscience and stuck my face into pillow and did not get up for another 10 min pretending that am sleeping but actually i was avoid/delaying those embarrassing moments.

Another time, i was chased by someone and when i jumped a wall am in USA. :-) hilarious.

Jaggu said...


Agree, dreams are really funny and sensational. May thats why they are dreams.:)