Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year & Movie Reviews


I wish you and your families a very very happy new year. Great to write a blog in the new year beginning. I hope you all have enjoyed the new year celebrations, now its time to come out of hang over and start working.:) Come on, its just another year, isn't it?

Wanted to write quick reviews about the recent movies I watched.

1. Mission Impossible - 4 - Ghost Protocol(English)

As usual, I was very excited to see this movie as its been long time watching a real good movie. As expected, the movie is nice and good. Although there are not lot of action sequences, but the story is gripping and not at all boring. One thing I could observe is that Tom Cruise is no more a young guy and this time his old lookd are kind of noticeable. Anyway, cruise is cruise. I am sure there will be another installment for this series.

The sequence of Burj Dubai is very well made and he lives upto the expectations and makes us think that he only is fit for those.

Verdict - Must Watch

2. Don -2(Hindi)

Similar to MI series, I am a fan of Don as well and was waiting to see Don-2. Somehow I feel that Shahrukh acts weel in this series.:). However the movie is a bit prolonged, but worth watching. Its not boring, so that makes it watchable. This time, its not any more action, but will all interesting story. The dialogues are nice and the action is good.
Shahrukh had all mischievious features/action that a Don should have. But I am pretty disappointed about the songs which were not there in the movie. I think Hindi cinema is following the foot steps of Hollywood, may be. I wish the songs were included as part of movie.

Verdict - Worth Watching

Will come back with more news later with another post. Till then, have a safe year ahead.

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