Friday, March 9, 2012

Life along with Murphy's Law

I am sure everybody know what is Murphy's Law. Its simple, Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

I sing a lot and passionate about singing/movies etc. However I have to accept my mistake that I did not try much from my side to get into movies or what not. But I am feeling that I am missing a nice chance which is coming near to me. Ok, the thing here is that legend singer S.P. Balasubramanyam is coming to US in this summer for conducting Padutha Theeyaga(a telugu singing competetion/show) which is regarded as one of the best shows. And the show is being organized at Seattle also which is 2 hours drive from my place.

Exactly the sametime, it is my wife's delivery time. Obviously this is foremost important for me in life. But you know I felt really bad immediately after seeing the competetion dates. Oh come on, Why should it be in that time frame only? Please note that I am not a great singer and I am not feeling as If I am missing a chance to get selected. I am feeling bad that I may miss a chance to even participate.

Well life is all about Murphy's law.


arunzmaddy said...

Yhprum's Law is the opposite of Murphy's Law
"Everything, that can work, will work."

sadaf said...

hey when is the new member of the family expected...God bless!!!
u wil surely miss this chance but will get sumthing btr in optimistic...

Jaggu said...


Hey thanks for your support. Yes, I am existed to see the new member. The due date is May 27 and its a Girl:)

Nandita said...

Hello, I am not sure if you are aware of the deadline extension for Padutha theeyaga, but now the deadline for submitting our audition video is july 10th. The website is Congratulations for the baby girl and good luck for the show!

Jaggu said...


Sorry for the late response, not been checking the blog for sometime. Ya, it was extended and again it was done in specific locations only by local judges. Overall the plan was completely screwed. Anyway, thanks for your response on this.