Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I hope you all have been seeing the incidents of killing infants and kids these days. It is so pathetic that they are doing it. I am amazed to even imagine how could they do it? How can they KILL(its a real big thing to do in life) a small life who is just seeing this world with little eyes.

Its absolute in-humanity and I dont consider them as humans at all. May be I cannot call them animals, because animals also might spare the little children.

And the most annoying thing is the fetacide and infanticide. Nobody in this world can determine if the child inside the womb can turn into a boy or girl. If we could determine, the whole world would have been filled with only the male species. Knowing this fact, how can somebody kill a fetus. And people, to be honest this is being done by some of the most educated section in the society. Its so in-human. People who are doing this should remember that they also came from a mother's womb. Ofcourse they wouldn't do it if they have such sense.

I think, by having stringent laws only doesnt do the justice here. There need to be some awareness in public as well. I have been reading those news these days and really moved. Atleast I thought I can help by spreading a word across the bloggers. So as a generic message for everybody - being educated or not, please dont do or plan for such things in the spur of a moment. Give a thought about what you are doing, you will understand how big crime you are going to do. Also please stop the incident if you know somebody is planning or inform the right authorities.


Shilpa Garg said...

My thoughts exactly! I mean, if you get a small cut on your finger, how much it hurts, so how can you kill a whole human being and that too a child!! Do the barbaric acts like these, let them sleep peacefully??

Jaggu said...

@ Shilpa

Well said..

ZEAL said...

You gave words to my thoughts. Thanks.

Jaggu said...


Thanks and I am sure most of them would agree to my thoughts.