Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Ski Day....

Last weekend gave me a new and exciting experience of Sking in the snow mountains. It was fun to see and try to ski for the first time. I went to Appalachian Ski Mountain which is located in North Carolina. The drive was perfect with the snow along the road completely.

Weather that day was too good for a beginner like me...:-P. I could not ski much, but was able to learn the basics and did ski for sometime. Fell down almost all the times.....:)), but forgot all the pains in that excitement.

Good to see the kids sking like experts from great slopes. Guess anything is possible with determination and practise.

Am pasting few photos of the event for you to have a look....


c e e d y said...

you did not write about the other great experiece from last week.....;0

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Jaggu,
That's a wonderful experience skiing for the first time in your life. Must be some sort of a mind boggling experience to you. Just be careful because accidents do happen and to a beginner who may be too excited about a new found experience, accidents can be catastrophic if not fatal. Just enjoy yourself. Thanks for the wonderful post. God bless you and your family always.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Exotic..enjoy man !!
Being your first experience,we need to look at those interesting pics like you losing balance etc..that would be making it more fun,of course for us

c e e d y said...

you have been tagged

Jaggu said...

Some experiences should be secret. Then only it will have some value in life...:))..and u know no more it is a secret...

Thanks. I was careful as you told even though I was excited. Thanks once again.

Yes. It was all skidding and losing balance. But it will be fun always If we are careful and enjoy.

krystyna said...

Everything is possible if you believe and do it.
I wonder how looked your body ( as a beginner), many bruises?

Good luck!

Jaggu said...

Thanks. aah...i had some bruises. But not serious ones. But its fun to have them as a beginner. Next time I can do with more confidence.

Vandita said...

hmmm skiing...sounds fun... u'll get better with practice :)
nice pics

Jaggu said...

Thanks. Long time no see...yup sking is fun always.