Friday, December 19, 2008

64 Paul Revere Rd

Cool!!!! The title is not a movie(like 15 Park Avenue). :)
This is the place(house) where I had a very good stay at Groton, Connecticut while I was working for Pfizer.
This post actually is a continuation of my journey in US. Please visit the below link for the history.

So after working in North Carolina, I have moved to Connecticut and got new friends again in the my path. But this time it was fun professionally and personally with the group I have worked with. The community where we have stayed(Groton Estates) will be remembered by all our team members.

The apartment community has got bulk bookings of apartments since lot of people came to join this project along with me. :). I worked like a driver to manager initially to make new comers settle down in the new place since most of them were new to US. Daily pick up, drop, shopping, groceries...ha ha.. it was fun. After all nothing wrong in helping.

I can't forget the 2 mile walk to a Beach nearby and speding time there with friends. Weekend cooking(sale), especially experiments on me with new items by the other two girls(infact only one girl) staying at 113 Nathan Hale Rd were nice moments to share and remember.

Can't stop mentioning about my roommate Srikanth. He was the one of the nice persons I have lived with. Well, having a good friend is always a nice feeling when you are alone.

The project was much fun for all people because of having a good team. We could do some good work as well with the friends around helping each other. Anyways nice things lasts for sometime as usual, so we had to split to other projects quickly for various reasons. Looking forward to work with all again.

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sirisha said...

Laughed like anything......
One small correction. The sale is at 115 NathanHale...

Yes, I too can never forget my Groton Stay.

ceedy said...

Dude good review of the revere...and glad you are making new friends in all the places...specially the new one in beavertown ;)

btw dont forget the oldest new friend of yours here :P

Jaggu said...

@sirisha. Thanks

Jaggu said...

Sure man. I will never forget you.

Pri said...

there is a dedication for u at my blog--"nostalgic moments" do come over and check it out :)

seeya around

Aarthi said...

Hey nice pics to ur usual interesting write-ups..:)

Jaggu said...

Thanks a lot. But its been a long time me browsing your blog. I could not find th right blog. Can you point me on the same. BTW, I have updated my blog after long time.

Jaggu said...

Thanks a lot. Updated my blog...:)