Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Journey in US - Part 5

OOPS!! Its almost 3 months since I have posted a blog. You know, I was like drowned in my project work from the last 2/3 months. It is always good to have more work in this bad economy times. So was inviting as much as work it comes on my way.
So as a come back I would want to post a blog on my journey in US(Part -5). Below is the older post which is actually part -4 where I stayed in Groton, CT.

I have got my next project in Beaverton, Oregon in the west coast. Well, yes I have moved to another end of US which I wanted anyways. Believe me, Oregon(also called Green state) is a very beautiful place, but only thing is it rains almost always. Once you get used to it, this is great place to live for a while.

Now I am working for Intel Corporation which has very big facility( 7 to 8 campuses) here. Even NIKE has its headquarters here. So small city with big companies. Its all fun since the Portland and Seattle cities are near and driveable. Here I am posting some pics of local and Seattle. I have visited Boeing manufacturing plant, Microsoft and Downtonw in Seattle. Well one thing I would say about Boeing is, its just a wonder to see the anufacturing process of aeroplanes in which we travel. Can you believe that a Beoing 747 plane is manufactured completely in 3 days and delivered. Its just a beauty. Well let me post some pics below. Hope you enjoy them.

It doesnt snow here much normally. But it snowed so heavily in Christmas 2008 after 1930 as below.

Seattle downtown

Boeing Manufacturing Plant(The left most big building block)


Kalpana said...

Enjoy... Enjoy... Good pics.

Jaggu said...

Thanks a lot

Kas said...

"Can you believe that a Beoing 747 plane is manufactured completely in 3 days and delivered"

Cool! I didn`t know this.. I always thought that so big thing need a lot of time.

Jaggu said...

Yes. Even I wondered as you. But it is true.