Monday, March 23, 2009

Oregon Sand Dunes - The most memorable trip

Day : March 21st, 2009(Saturday)
Time : From 10 PM to 1 AM

I cannot imagine how much I laughed at the specified period above. I think that is the day where I laughed atmost(to hell infact). It went till me getting some chest pain as well due to laugh. Ok, let me not blabber anymore and come to the point.

I went to a place called Florence which is in the Oregon state of US(West Coast). This is a place with full of sand dunes where one can take ATV(its a vehicle which is used to drive in sand) on rent and enjoy the ride in the tough sand. This is a different experience for me as we dont find this things in India.

So we(me along with other 3 teammates) started travelling towards that place. Our plan was to reach there afternoon and return by the same night. We have reached there at 5 PM in the evening since the drive was along side of pacific ocean and we had to stop at few scenic places. Believe me, pacific coast drive is one of the best drives.

Finally we got to know that the rental shop will be closed at 5 PM. So we thought of not missing the chance and stayed that night in a small motel. This decision was the turning point for us to have LOADS of fun in the motel. First we have visited a nearby casino and won some money($20 for $1 investment). Then we went to a restaurant called Bay Street Grill where I have met one of the beautiful girls I have ever seen. OOPS! she was an absolute beauty. I had a good time having drink and food served by her.

Later, we headed over to hotel and then started the actual fun. People were in good mood and started explaining their past in the form of stories. My god, the way everybody explained their college life, career and crushes was HILLARIOUS. I almost had a doubt that police may come by seeing the way we were shouting and laughing. We had to end this earlier to leave the next day morning to play in sand dunes.

At last, we rented the vehicles and had lots of fun in sand dunes. The weather was also helpful for us to enjoy perfectly in the drive. It was a wonderful experience. Later we played mini golf which was unexpected in the plan. The fun continued in the game as well by commenting and playing jokes on each other.

As I always tell any day has to end. So we rushed back to our place(Beaverton) by having nice food in an Indian restaurant on the way. Once again, you should have right company to have right fun. And I guess It doesn't happen all the time.

Check out few pics below -->

Beautiful pacific coast

Nice drink served by beautiful lady in the restaurant.:)

Sand dunes spreading out in 5 mile radius


ceedy said...


very neat...where is the pic of the GIRL??????/

Share it man :)

and hope to drive along the lake michigan......hope you do make it :)

Jaggu said...

Thanks man. Sure, will do it.