Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Las Vegas - The heaven on the earth

Yes. I did not see the heaven. But I think it will be like Las Vegas. Fun, enjoyment, name it, it has it. One of the top most best places I have visited till now in my life. And given a chance everybody has to visit this place of unlimited fun.

I got a last minute deal and was lucky enough to spend time in Vegas, the sin city. And the other best thing is that I got a BMW convertible rental car. Imagine driving through the Las Vegas strip in BMW. I could not imagine that this will happen so soon for me.

I have visited all major casinos like Bellagio, The Venetian, Wynn, Encore etc. Each has its own unique style and beauty. No words to explain the architecture and the degree of detail. I have also went to a show called "LE REVE" in Wynn casino. I would strongly recommmend you too to checkout this show if you are in Vegas anytime. What a amazing show? Fantastic experience.

I have also experienced the thrill rides on the top of Stratosphere(Insanity, Xscream etc). They are really breath taking rides. I appreciate the ideas they get and implement in the places like these.

What else? oh yaa..the BMW...amazing car. I went on a ride to Death valley road which I wanted to visit from long time. I used to see this road in the movies finally got to visit. This completes my visit to 28th US state.

I was almost depressed to return to work from a city like Las Vegas. But you know life has to go on...Check out some photos of the trip.....

Las Vegas Airport

My first BMW

Wynn Casino

LE REVE Show poster in Wynn Casino

Ending scene of LE REVE Show

Death valley


ceedy said...

Good now you are a sinner from Sin City - Maharaj babu !

Jaggu said...

Yes. I am a big sinner. And I know how to clean up those too.:-P

Anonymous said...

been there. done that. loved it!

Jaggu said...


Anonymous said...

i wouldnt recommend the zoo for a bachelor. its mostly moms and their kids there

Jaggu said...

Sure and thanks for your advice.

Anonymous said...

Las Vegas really captures everyone's imagination....lovely photos & nice reading!

Jaggu said...


Ria said...

this post so makes me want to go to Las Vegas right away! :) Nice pics.

Jaggu said...

Hey thanks for visiting and for compliment. Keep coming.

ceedy said...

@ria and jaggu

Ria - don't agree to his compliments with words - since he instigated the desire in you to visit Vegas - ask him to sponsor the trip :)


Common dude - you cant treat everyone like you treat me :P

Jaggu said...

Sure. Ria can contact me anytime.
And for you, please call 1-800-ASK-JAGGU as usual for another free trip :-P

JSF said...

My wife and I went a few years ago and we really enjoyed it. Next time you're out that way you should go check out The Hoover Dam. Really amazing.

I also had the awesome experience of seeing someone win $30,000 at a slot machine I had left only minutes before :)

Jaggu said...

oops! I forgot to mention. Actually I visited the hoover dam also. And as you told, its nice. And I never had luck in gambling so did not play much. Thanks for visiting my blog and keep coming.

KB said...

hi hope you are doing fine .nice to see your blog after long time. :-)

Jaggu said...

Good to see you after long time. I am fine and hope the same with you.