Sunday, September 20, 2009

Movie Updates

I have watched some movies recently and wanted to give an update to all of you.

1. Magadheera

This is a telugu(my mother tongue, one of the Indian languages) movie where the hero of the film is my favourite star Chiranjeevi's son. I would say this is of of the best telugu movies made. Technically very nice and brilliant movie. Its a periodical love story. As his father, he inherited all the good parts of movie like fights, dance and action etc. And this movie became one of the biggest hits in telugu film industry.

2. Inglorious bastards

I watched a great conversational movie after long time. As a fan of Quentin Tarantino, I went to this movie for the premier show at 12 midnight:). The movie is made brilliantly and its a Tarantino brand as usual. The dialogues and the screenplay are the best ever. And the scenes are typical Tarantino style. I would strongly recommend seeing this movie if you did not watch.

3. Whiteout

I went to this movie because of Kate Beckinsale. I really like her. And the movie also decent one. This is about an investigation of murder case on Antarctica and she does her role pretty well. The film makers also depicted the Antarctica and the intense weather over there nicely. A good movie to watch.

4. Jennifer's Body

If I did not update you, I am a big big fan of Horror films. I think I did not miss any good horror films till date. And a horror film with Mega fox as actress, how could I miss this?. Ofcourse a typical horror film, but only attraction is Mega fox. Its about a gorgeous cheerleader (Megan Fox) possessed by a demon and starts feeding off the boys. She is really hot and apt for this role.

Well, I hope these reviews help you.


Anonymous said...

hhhm. i will have to see those. i love scary movies too. I will have to see Jennifers Body

Jaggu said...

Glad that I got a friend who likes scary movies.:). All my friends are scared to see those movies. Ya check out the movie.

Ria said...

hmm quite an interesting list there. I hope to catch with some movies soon!!

Jaggu said...

Sure. Let me know your opinion too.:)

KB said...

11 days lo inni! chiranjeevi 'koduku' des not come any where near him i think..did not see the movie but he looks like a combination of pavan kalyan and others ..but any where near chiranjeevi ..aahha....nopes!

Jaggu said...

Ivi nenu already choosesina movies. Just giving the reviews together. His son got all the attributes except glamour. Adokkate antha ga raaledu enduko. Otherwise he is upto the mark.

Anonymous said...

actually you can buy one at "la espiga dorada" its on tv highway and 185th.they are pretty good. just google it. i get them there sometimes

Jaggu said...

Hey thank you. I will try it out and let you know.:)

JSF said...

I really liked Inglorious Basterds, too. So fun.

Jaggu, how did you get that neat little "email follow-up comments to. . " item to show up when people are posting to your blog.

I have blogger set to notify me of comments but I don't see how to let a reader choose to receive comment updates by email like yours does. . .I like it!