Monday, October 12, 2009

Floods in South India

As you all might know that severe floods had hit India(in some states). And that too specifically in the place where I lived most of the time(almost 20 years). This is a place called Kurnool in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Not only this place, there are several other places in other states too had flood hit. It is really sad to hear the troubles of people who became homeless without food for so many days. They have lost their homes, properties everything. But nobody can stop the natural disasters, but can take some advanced rescue measures to track and save lives of people.

I hope such time will come soon to avoid human loss. I was moved by this disaster actually since I lived in that place for long time. Luckily all my friends are safe in those places.

But I did send some funds(whatever I can) for the relief operations for the poor people. After all they are our fellow human beings.

I wish they recover as early as possible.

Below is the website through which I have donated the funds for 5 families. I am posting here so that somebody who is interested also may donate something in their limit.
If you cannot donate the minimum amount, you can combine with your friends and donate.


Anonymous said...

thats great. good for you. you are a kind man

Jaggu said...

Thank You. How are you doing these days?

KB said...

Yes it was sad to see the news daily and see so much property loss . The link to donate is cool .

Jaggu said...


JSF said...

Jaggu, I'm so sorry to hear of this terrible event in your homeland. I hope you're feeling OK. It is a terrible thing.

Jaggu said...

Thanks for your concern. The situation is getting better now there.